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In my recently released game, Button Battle, I opted to use RakNet to implement simple networked multiplayer.  I figured I should talk a bit about how that all went, since I would have enjoyed reading such an article myself… and frankly, I’m going to forget this all soon and I will have to read it later.

I chose RakNet because it has been around for a while (mature), it works on Windows, Linux, and more (cross-platform), and it is free for my purposes (affordable).  I have my own networking library based on SDL_net that is certainly cross-platform and affordable, but I would be making a bad decision (personally, as a game dev, and as a business) if I put more time into the library instead of my games.  SDL_net does what it does well enough, but there is a lot of work to do in order to get something out of it that can be used in games.

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Getting Over the Hump

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Here’s an article about what to try when you’re just plain stuck on a problem or you’ve run out of motivation.

Getting Over the Hump


Beginner SDL tutorial

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Want to use SDL?  Never had the motivation?  Here’s an easy article on installation, going from having nothing to having graphics.

A new article…  On alpha-blending with SDL.


Tutorial section added

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Another new section (that was quick) that holds tutorials and articles is up.  A few items are there already and I have a couple of examples on their way.