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  DinoMage Games is an independent game development studio.  We love making games that are exciting, novel, and fulfilling.  We’re located in the greater Boston area (New Hampshire seacoast, to be more precise).

Jonny D is a master of physics, a father of 3, a husband of 1, and a game developer. He can commonly be found hanging around Ludum Dare for its crazy 48-hour game dev contests.

See his Portfolio!

Catch Jonny D at jonnyd [at] dinomage [dot] com

Cassie loves DIY.  If that means making our own games, then she’s into that, too.

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  1. Hi, I came across your ‘Tangible Maths’ app and it seems it is not available for apple devices in the UK but it is available on the kindle and I was wondering why this was? I am a teacher and our school children use iPads in the classroom and this app seems like it would be a valuable resource to have. Will it be available for apple devices in the UK in the future?


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