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Tangible Math is a math manipulatives app for early elementary math, designed with Singapore Math and Math in Focus in mind.  The app is used like a virtual magnetic whiteboard where you set up lessons and teach preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade math in a personal way.  Included are dozens of objects and backgrounds to help you explore math concepts with your child.

Tangible Math is available on a huge range of tablets.  You can get it on iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.


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Physical manipulatives are a wonderful asset to any modern math curriculum, but sometimes it’s not feasible to own or transport a complete set.  Our app is great for filling in the gaps of missing manipulatives and number charts or just for one-on-one teaching on the go with no setup or cleanup.  Tangible Math is perfect for homeschooling, classroom interaction, or even for providing public schooled children with the same manipulatives they have at school.



This app supports the learning styles of kids in a wide range of ages.  Our earliest preschool learners will find love the quick activities that build early counting, sorting, number recognition, and comparison skills.



Setting up number sentences and arithmetic relationships is easy with counters, linking cubes, and easy-to-use activity boards.  Numbers snap together to form larger values and will click right in place on key locations on the activity board.  You’ll find that it suits many of the activities in Singapore Math and Math in Focus.


Number charts and number lines are great for establishing patterns and relationships.  Our activity boards make for quick explanations of the lesson for the day, without having to copy teacher guides or store copies of charts for future use.  Tangible Math is a great complement to Horizons and Saxon Math curricula.



First graders will especially benefit from the counters and activity boards designed for showing place value, using base10 cubes, place value disks, and cards.


With over over 100 unique movable pieces and dozens of activity boards, Tangible math will be a great asset for teaching math to your little student.

8 thoughts on “Tangible Math – Math Manipulatives App

  1. Hi

    I just downloaded this app onto my iPad and it is not working. Any suggestions to make it work, or a reason why it might not be working? I was hoping to use it with a student who has some fine motor difficulties.
    Thank you!

  2. I just downloaded your app for tangible math and am very excited about using it with my son. In the information above you show a screen shot with dotted numbers that the child can trace. Can you walk me through doing this please? I have explored the app but can’t seem to find this feature! Thank you so much! Amy

    1. Hi Amy!  The dotted number tracing can be found in the boards menu (the upper-left icon that looks like a work page) in the “Number Charts” category.  Swipe the category until you reach the end and it’s right there!  Hope you find it useful!

  3. Is it possible to get sound put into this app.  This is critical for teaching special needs children who listen for sounds verses people talking.  It would be great if you could get the app to say what you are doing.  1+1= 2.  This could be spoken out would make math acesseable to special needs children I really need this app to talk.  I could really use this to bridge my daughters mind into hearing what she is doing when working math problems.  Thanks Cheryl

    1. I suppose it’s possible!  I can certainly appreciate how that would help.  I’ve been working on other projects for a while, so I can’t promise anything yet, but I think the idea is very good.

  4. On the drawing menu, there is a letter A with a piece of tape over it. I can’t figure out what that is! Please advise. Your app is fantastic for my kindergarten students.

    1. Glad you like it!  The ‘A’ with tape is an indication of the overlay mode.  When you draw paint, the overlay mode controls whether the paint goes behind the objects, in front of them (so you can hide things), or acts like a highlighter.

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