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Tomorrow is the release day for Gladiator!  Woo!  A lot has gone into the code to get it ready, but it’s finally there.

I’m looking through the changelog and it’s pretty crazy.  I spent a lot of time making a whole new level editor, but in order to do that, I had to refactor a ton of data structures to hold character, level, and campaign info.  New features came in that changed the feel of the game in several positive ways.  The player is given much more information both in and out of combat so they can control their team more effectively and track and enjoy the team’s progress.  And of course, real controller integration on OUYA is sweet.  Overall, at least a hundred bugs were squashed, and I think I only made 80% of them! 😀

So, it’s nice to bring the Openglad project to this point.  I love playing it on OUYA with my kids and I really hope it catches on with a significant audience.  I’m just waiting for another approval of this latest version to be put into the OUYA market (Discover), then we should be seeing it live tomorrow!

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