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Here’s a quick look at one of the new possibilities in the future of Don’t Blow It.

What you see here is the work-in-progress of creating structures in-game: Building.  The new feature, which is pretty unusual for a platformer, lets you join certain “buildable” objects together.  This lets you solve many puzzles and obstacles with tremendous freedom (and lets us design some pretty awesome puzzles for you to solve).

I can think of several platformer games which involve building stuff, but they all involve an inventory system and a correspondingly complex input system.  In the future of DBI, the objects are all around you, meaning that cooperation is important, rather than hoarding.  In fact, such a big game-changing feature really has to be integrated into the world and story of the game.  I’m really excited for the possibilities that an in-game construction feature support.

Wish me luck in designing the controls for it and clearing out bugs!

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