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Among other things, I’ve been making some new levels. Here’s one in development called “Pig Hill”:

On Pig Hill, you simply carry a round pig up to the top of a large hill. This round piggy likes to roll back down the hill, along with the oncoming logs that knock you around.

In testing, it’s a little frustrating because the logs come flying down the hill at crazy speeds.  They easily send you back to the bottom of the hill if you don’t time your jumps well.  A dash of linear damping should fix that. 🙂

2 Responses to “Don’t Blow It! – Pig Hill”

  1.  Amy says:

    Love the pigs!  I also enjoy the whimsical look of your graphics.  Fun!

    •  Jonny D says:

      Thanks!  I’ll have to do some more pig research tomorrow. 😉

      One thing is certainly off, though.  The cartoony pig face doesn’t really match well with the blank character faces.

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