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I’m starting off this month working aggressively on the story for GigaSun Jet.  It also happens to be National Novel Writing Month.  I’m not going to officially participate, but the feeling is still the same.  My “novel” might be half novel, half script and I won’t be crunching to hit 50k words (which sounds crazy!!! Ahhh!!!).  I’ll just be taking what I already have so far and deepening, expanding, and directing it.

I’m excited about it all.  I have a great plan for the point of the story and a very high level plot.  Even just today I made good progress on the ending (that’s where I’m supposed to start, right?).

Concerning the story…  I’m trying to make it as unexpected yet natural as possible.  I’ve never read this kind of story and I’ve never played a game which breaks out of the stereotypes of the meaning.  One big problem lies in how I can write about the story here…  How much should I discuss?  Surely I can’t give away the meaning, since that’s vital to the ending.  We’ll see how I do, either way!

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