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I just wanted to point out that the 2012 IGF Pirate Kart has been released.  It’s not very piratey, but it has tons (> 300) of free (and legal) little games in it.  Beware, however, since several games are extremely inappropriate.  There’s a review at Rock, Paper, Shotgun that mentions a few of the ones to avoid.

Also, there was a humorous little Twitter meme going on earlier between some game developers, called #simplegames.  Here are some of my favorites:

@JonBaker – Farmville: troll friends with incessant updates

@S0phieH – Gran Turismo: buy fastest car, use walls to turn.

@JonBaker – Tecmo Super Bowl: Touchdown Bo Jackson

@benhowgill – Call of Duty: Point and Click before other players do the same to you.

@Freakcion -Portal 2 : put holes in white surfaces, jump through them to win


But I better not get carried away.  That does remind me, though, to mention the ways you can keep updated with the news here at Blue Dino Code.

My personally preferred method is RSS.  There is an RSS feed for the News page (see orange RSS icon?).  Subscribe to that in your favorite RSS reader (I use Google Reader).

You can also keep up with Twitter.  You will see links to my new posts if you keep an eye on @GrimFang4.

And the last way is Facebook.  Well, I can’t help you much here if I don’t really know you…  But if we are actually friends, then you might see my new posts there.

I’ll probably do something with Google+ eventually, but not right now.  It is better for keeping personal friends and acquaintances separate.  Anyhow, see ya around!

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