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What?  A board game in the GigaSun Jet universe?  Yeah.  Isn’t that silly?

A couple months ago, I started making a simple board game for the kids.  Once I got the design to a playable state, I gave it a name and made a cardboard prototype.  That game is GigaSun Galaxy.

In GigaSun Galaxy, you create the galaxy you will play on.  Then, you move around the board to complete missions and increase your rank to win.  My kids get excited about the space pirates, wormholes, and upgrades they can find in the game.  I’ve gone through five revisions so far, with each representing several rules variations as I iterate on the design of the game.  There’s another revision in the works which improves the flow of the turns and improves integration with the space theme.

I’ll be getting back to talking about GigaSun Jet soon, but here’s a “screenshot” of GigaSun Galaxy:

Kids can play and it's still fun to adults. I think I'm doing this right!

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