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StickyInput is a C++ library that makes it very easy to put joystick support into your games.

I just wrote a little C++ wrapper for some standard (and some pseudo-standard) C IO libraries.  goodio lets you do simple things without having to touch those ugly C functions like stat() and his friends.  You can check if a file exists, check if something
is a file or a directory, easily append/prepend text to files, change/check file permissions, create and delete files and directories, copy and rename files, and even get a list of all the files in a directory.  Let me know if you like it!


SPriG on Google Code

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I’ve started a project for Sprig to make it easier for anyone to contribute.



NFont update

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Yay!  An update to NFont!  This one fixes a bug in getWidth() and adds TrueType support by using SDL_ttf (optionally, of course).


SPriG v1.0.0

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The full release of v1.0.0 is now up.  There are a few name changes and a bunch of new functionality.  To go along with it, there’s a tutorial/guide up as well!  With that and the updated documentation, it’s easier than ever to get your graphics on.


SPriG prerelease v1.0.0

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A prerelease copy of the new version of Sprig is out!  New features include a built-in dirty rect system, line thickness controls, and polygon transformations.  Check it out and don’t forget to grab the updated documentation!  After some more testing, the official v1.0.0 release will be posted.


SPriG update coming

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Hey, I’ve added some more nice functionality to Sprig, but it won’t be online until I have a chance to rebuild the library.  Some changes include a makefile (gasp!) and very useful polygon transforms (rotate, translate).  These polygon functions are simple, so you can grab them here if you want them now.

New version of SDL_ColorDef.  This time it has the W3C web colors.  That makes over 200!  Now there is a great range of choices.

Here’s a port of NFont to the C language.  It takes a different approach to the library to make it feel good under C without C++’s classes.


SDL_ColorDef update

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New version of SDL_ColorDef with a convention change and the addition of RGBA controls.