Jonathan Dearborn
This is a sample of the work that I've done as a game developer.
Most of my games are made in C++ with SDL.
I'm best known for SDL_gpu, a hardware-accelerated 2D graphics library.

Tangible Math

Tangible Math is a virtual magnetic whiteboard where you can set up lessons and teach math in a personal way.  Before you are dozens of pieces to interact with.  Numbers snap together to form larger values, mathlink cubes break apart into smaller sets, and familiar objects make counting fun.  Activity boards provide a focus to a lesson with math sentences to complete, areas to group similar objects, charts to fill in, and clocks with realistic hand movement.  Draw in color on any board to highlight and annotate the exercise.  Your student will thrive as you work together to explore our world through math.
We searched for an app to help demonstrate and practice math concepts with our homeschool kids, but we couldn't find anything like we wanted.  What to do?  Make it.  Tangible Math is leagues beyond what was out there previously and we really hope all kinds of educators will make use of it.
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Available on Google Play, Amazon,
and the Apple App Store!


Solarity Screen1
SDL_gpu is an open-source rendering system for SDL 1.2 and SDL 2.0 that presents a powerful hardware-accelerated API for 2D applications and games. The source code, written in C, is portable to a variety of platforms which have SDL and OpenGL support, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.
I wrote SDL_gpu from the ground up and use features of each of the different versions of OpenGL and OpenGL ES that are supported.  This library plays a prominent role in all of my games and apps.

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Project on Github

Don't Blow It!

Gather your friends for a true cooperative experience in Don't Blow It!  Work together to solve puzzles and reach new heights of platforming, but when the bomb is lit, don't be the one to blow it!
I started this game for Ludum Dare #20, "It's Dangerous to go Alone!  Take This!".  What I came up with was really fun, so I kept working on it and got my wife to make better art.
Don't Blow It! was featured in the Digital Game Showcase at the 2012 Boston Festival of Indie Games and also appeared in a PBS Off Book special about indie games.  We have plans to take what we've done for this game and branch it off into a bigger project that pursues the best parts of playing DBI.
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Gladiator (Openglad)

Glad Screen1
The official version of Forgotten Sages' classic action RPG, now for Android! Hire soldiers, archers, elves, clerics, mages, orcs, skeletons, and more, then train them into an unstoppable team as you face opposing armies and monsters. Dozens of levels lie between you and a monstrous evil. Can you make it?
This game is part of the Openglad project, which is released under the open-source GNU General Public License (GPL). You can find the project on Github:
I took over this open source project as a work of affection for this old DOS game.  I played it as a kid and wanted to fix it up and let others enjoy it too.  I designed brand new enhancements, added lots of little touches, balance fixes, and squashed age-old bugs as I ported it to SDL 2.0 and Android.
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Board Game Apprentice

Are you missing some parts of your favorite board game? Need to flip a coin, draw a sketch, or deal out tokens? We’ve got you covered. Board Game Apprentice features a full set of tools for your gaming needs. Roll dice with saved history and a holding tray. Time your games with one of 4 different timer styles, even while using other tools. Give the realistic spinner a whirl. Pick and choose which tools you need, then customize and configure them to fit your game.
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